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Fees & Charges
  Fees & Charges :





Admission Fees


Session Fees

Rs. 100

College examination Fees

Rs. 100

Library Fees

Rs. 100

Magazine Fees

Rs. 25

Identity Card Fees

Rs. 20

Canteen Fees

Rs. 50

Generator Fees

Rs. 100

Students’ Union Fees

Rs. 100

Festival Fees

Rs. 50

Students’ Health Home

Rs. 05

Student Aid Fund

Rs. 20

Casual Fees (plucked candidates only)

Rs. 100





Development Fees

Rs. 100

Building Fees

Rs. 200





Calcutta University Fees


  • CU Registration Fees

Rs. 100

  • Cost of CU exam Form

Rs. 10

  • Sports Fee

Rs. 60

  • Migration Fee (Boards outside West Bengal)


Rs. 100





Laboratory Fees


  • IT Practical Fee (Honours & General)

Rs. 360 p.a.

  • Journalism Lab Fee (Honours)

Rs. 3000 p.a.

  • Journalism Lab Fee (General)

Rs. 1500 p.a.

  • Geography Lab Fee (Honours)

Rs. 4000 p.a.

  • Geography Lab Fee (General)

Rs. 2000 p.a.

  • Physical Education Lab Fee (General)

Rs. 2000 p.a.


E. Deposits



  • Library Deposit

Rs. 200 p.a.

  • Lab. Caution Deposit (General)

Rs. 250 p.a.

  • Lab. Caution Deposit (Honours)

Rs. 500 p.a.


Three months tuition fees must be paid at the time of admission



Tuition Fees

  • B.Com. General


Rs. 60 per month

  • B.Com. Honours

Rs. 85 per month

  • B.A. General

Rs. 50 per month

  • B.A. Honours

Rs. 75 per month

  • B.Sc. General

Rs. 85 per month

  • B.Sc. Honours

Rs. 110 per month


  • Excursion Fees for both Geography Honours & General will be announced later.

The fees and charges are at the lowest and liberal. Concession is also granted to meritorious students.

Tuition fees for every month is payable by the 10th of that month after which a fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be charged up to the end of the month. The name of any defaulter will be struck off and the name of such a defaulting student will be restored only on payment of all arrear dues.

Payment shall always be made in cash against record in fee book / card belonging to students.